Every season, MTM presents its new collections that follow the trends and meet our customers’ needs.

  • “Création” collections: our flagship brands TAFFTA for women and MTM for men.
    Each one of these creations is thought out and developed with the utmost care in Billère, at the foot of the Pyrenees.
  • “Sélection” collections: these products are carefully chosen among our suppliers, essentially based in Europe.
    We work in partnerships with renowned brands that are complementary to our products.


Since summer 2018, Women’s collection has been labelled as TAFFTA. Its creative lines are cut and sewn in a segmented pattern following thematic targeting and renewed each season according to trends

The structure of this collection relies on 3 main themes: “Création”, “Essentiels” and “Techniques”.

  • Création = original ranges of trendy products.
  • Essentiels = our best products, which constitute the core of our collections
  • Techniques = 3 specific ranges of products :

– « Sun » range : for sun protection and UPF50+ certified
– « Rain » range : coated fabric and waterproof seams
– « Comfort » range : designed for sensitive skins and for people getting skin care treatments.

In winter, headwear collections grow with additional accessories such as scarfs, mittens, gloves and cloaks, creating then a whole universe with a new array of potential silhouettes combination.



collection chapeaux hommes
collection chapeaux hommes
collection chapeaux hommes

MTM men’s collection offers not only classic headwear but also modern items with a pinch of fantasy.

From the timeless headwear to the more technical ones, this collection gives pride of place to the European-made creations.

A selection of products made in collaboration with our Italian suppliers adds to the current offer.


Depending on the season, « Sélection » collection includes state-of-the-art products from our suppliers, who are mainly from Europe : different kinds of hats such as felt hats, straw hats or hats with other fabrics, as well as accessories allowing a more diverse offer and competitive prices.


MTM distributes ATLANTIS products on the French territory.
Located in Italy, Atlantis is a brand that has been specializing in custom-made caps for two decades.
A wide range of products can satisfy the most demanding needs of our customers interested in such a niche.


House of Ord

MTM is the official distributor of HOUSE OF ORD in France.

This South African brand makes anti-UV hats to protect yourself from the sun.